Howler Hoorays:

August 2021 - June 2022

Canyon Creek PTA is 100% volunteer run and we are working on events & programs even in this unusual year! These notes are our THANK YOUS to all those who make what we do possible! We couldn't do it without you!

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June 2022


6/17/2022 Howler


6/3/2022 Howler

WOOOHOOOs to all of our Library Volunteers, who helped during weekly class library time. They checked in books, shelved books and checked out books for students! Thanks for a great year of volunteering. HUGE APPRECIATION to our PTA Library Chair, Erica Hebert for organizing the library volunteers and working with the librarians to meet their volunteer needs. Read our article of thanks.

GRATITUDE to our WSPTA Convention Attendees: Karen Smith, Jenn Snyder, Nicole Trimble, Barby Taheri, Melanie Mckenzie, Suzanne Subbarao, and Tricia Black. This is a large investment of time over three days, to learn and grow as PTA leaders; also satisfying the WSPTA education requirement for those volunteers who are on the 2022-23 executive board.

May 2022


5/20/2022 Howler

SO MUCH APPRECIATION to all of the people involved in helping make the 2022 Canyon Creek PTA Art Gala a huge success! This was no small feat, getting it planned, approved, and then working out the logistics with COVID protocols, etc. HUGE THANKS to our Art Docent/Art Gala Chair: Foram Shah. While there were so many people involved, Foram really was the driving force in getting this done -- thank you, Foram. Please find appreciation of SO many volunteers and staff members, along with a slide show with lots of photos of the art, posters, and more in our website article. Check it out.

5/6/2022 Howler

HUGE HOORAYS to our Staff Appreciation Team: Alyssa Koske & Stephanie Dunning, for planning and executing a great week of celebrating Canyon Creek Staff! MUCH GRATITUDE to those who donated so generously to the lunch event in March- we were able to do more this week because of those extra funds! THANK YOU to local businesses: Starbucks & Koske Kitchen for donations, and Inchin's Bamboo Garden for helping (with some discounts) make lunch amazing! See what we did!

APPRECIATION to our Earth Day Contest participants! Check out the lovely art they submitted and see who was drawn as winners. HOORAYS to our contest coordinator: Jenn Snyder, thanks for doing these fun contests throughout the year!

HOORAYS to all of our school community members who participated in our Inchin's Bamboo Garden Dine to Donate event in early April! Because of your awesome support, we will be receiving a donation of $334! THANK YOU to our PTA Partnerships Chair: Karen Smith, and of course Inchin's Bamboo Garden for being such a great partner! Learn about our other partnership opportunities and past events.

THREE CHEERS to our Popcorn Friday Chairs: Nancy Tangen & Megan Madsen (and their husbands, Mike Tangen & Jimmy Madsen) for figuring how to pop OVER 1000 bags of popcorn in one morning! HUGE SHOUT OUT to recess teachers: Bob, Barby, and Gretchen for helping coordinate the logistics of popcorn distribution to all those kids!

April 2022


4/22/2022 Howler

GRATITUDE to our 2022 Nominating Committee: Nancy Tangen, Barby Taheri & Patty Buchanan for their time and thoughtfulness in the important job of finding candidates for leading our PTA into the next school year.

WOOHOOS to everyone who participated in our Inchin's Bamboo Garden Dine to Donate event on Wednesday, April 6th. We will keep you posted on the resulting donation amount! APPRECIATION to our PTA Partnerships Chair: Karen Smith, and of course Inchin's Bamboo Garden for being such a great partner!

THANKS AGAIN to Sue Hanson, Canyon Creek's Office Manager, for coordinating the families who would benefit from a spring break food bag. Thanks to Nicole Trimble & Jenn Snyder for doing the shopping for the food and to Melanie McKenzie & Jenn Snyder for sorting and bagging all the food for the families. AGAIN, huge thanks to everyone who donated to our Helping Hands program last winter, we couldn't do this without your support!

4/1/2022 Howler

MUCH APPRECIATION to the 50+ individuals who attended our March General Membership meeting, we appreciate your interest and attendance. THANK YOU to our guest speaker, Amity Butler, who spoke about various services offered within NSD (focusing this talk on HiCap/EAP program) - and Carson Sanderson, for coordinating our speaker. GRATITUDE to Bruce Denton & Brandi Doyle for attending and giving a school update. Check out our meeting recap.

THREE CHEERS for the PTA volunteers who helped with Canyon Creek class & club picture day last Friday: Jake Tadema, Carson Sanderson, Nicole Trimble, Stephanie Dunning, Barby Taheri & Andrea Bruns.

March 2022


3/18/2022 Howler

YIPPEES to Foram Shah and other Canyon Creek PTA Art Docents who attended the March 2nd training focused on Textiles! We are lucky to have art docents who bring art to classrooms for our students. There are more Northshore School District Art Docent trainings coming, learn more.

HUGE HOORAYS to all 78 individuals (or families) who contributed to our "Provide a Lunch for Staff" event last Friday! It was a great success. THANK YOUS to our Staff Appreciation Team: Alyssa Koske & Stephanie Dunning, who planned and coordinated the distribution of 106 lunches. Read our "Thank You" article to find out more!


3/4/2022 Howler

YIPPEEs to the Canyon Creek PTA Spelling Bee participants for all the time invested in studying, preparing, and taking tests (and to the parents/caregivers who make it all possible). MANY THANKS to our PTA Spelling Bee Chair, Raheema Mohammed. She diligently worked to ensure all participating students and their families had a successful Bee! Find all the latest info about the Canyon Creek Spelling Bee.

WOOHOOs for the five students who submitted essays for the Washington State PTA Essay contest: Aria P (1st grade), Aarush B. (1st grade), Arthee K. (3rd grade), Jagrav A. (4th grade) & Niya A. (5th grade)! We are so proud of their efforts and appreciate the students' parents/caregivers for supporting them. THANKS to our Canyon Creek PTA Literacy Chair, Mumtaz Zimbalist, for coordinating this program!

OOOHS & AAAAHS to everyone who participated in our Family Pizza Nights with Uncle Peteza's Pizzeria! We are receiving a donation of $525 for that 2 night event! That's AMAZING! HUGE SHOUT OUT to Uncle Peteza's Pizzeria for their wonderful support through the years -- they have been a fantastic local business partner.

HUGE APPRECIATION to everyone who has participated in our ongoing fundraising partnership programs and events! In the past month, we received donations from BoxTops, the Bellevue Ice Skating event and MOD pizza!! Learn more about our Partnership Programs.

SPECIAL GRATITUDE to our mid year financial review volunteers: Meagan Prince, Patricia Black and Melanie Mckenzie. They did a phenomenal job and made some practical suggestions that will help our PTA stay in best practice!

February 2022


2/18/2022 Howler

HUGE APPRECIATION to all involved with our Gender Diversity Webinar Series! We are so grateful for the thoughtful questions and honest sharing that happened in both sessions of this event. GRATITUDE to our speaker, Aidan Key, for his presentation and conversation around gender diversity in children and teens. HUGE KUDOS to all of our partner PTAs/PTSAs and PACE programs for helping bring this event to our community. Special SHOUT OUT to Northshore Council PTSA for providing a grant to help fund this event. THANKS to Melanie Mckenzie and Principal Bruce Denton for hosting the webinars, and NSD for allowing us to use their Zoom account. Interested in watching the webinar?

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to the wonderful Canyon Creek staff - thank you to all the staff for all they are doing! To show our appreciation, the Canyon Creek PTA executive board provided a special Valentine's Day treat of candy and a card for all CC staff.

GRATITUDE to Uncle Peteza's Pizzeria for partnering with our PTA for a fundraiser on February 8th & 9th! Thanks to everyone who supported this fundraiser. Appreciation to our Partnerships Chair (and PTA President), Karen Smith for organizing. We will share the donation amount when we get that information (along with the MOD donation from January's fundraiser).

THANK YOU to our PTA Directory Chair, Phuong Nguyen, for working her magic to make the directory available to our membership! Check out the directory and become a PTA member if you want access and aren't already a member.

WOOHOOOs to Sue Hanson, Canyon Creek's Office Manager, for coordinating the families who would benefit from a food bag for mid-winter break. Thanks to Melanie McKenzie for doing all the shopping for the food and to Melanie McKenzie, Jenn Snyder, Jayden Snyder & Nicole Trimble for helping to sort and bag all the food for the families. Thanks to everyone who donated last winter, we were able to provide 25 families with bags of food using our Helping Hands donated funds.

2/4/2022 Howler

HEARTFELT APPRECIATION to every single Canyon Creek staff member, substitute, and volunteer - for keeping Canyon Creek open for our kids to learn and grow. You are AMAZING!

SO MUCH GRATITUDE for our Gender Diversity speaker, Aidan Key, for his thoughtful presentation around gender diversity in children and teens. HUGE KUDOS to all of our partner PTAs/PTSAs and PACE programs for helping bring this event to our community. Special SHOUT OUT to Northshore Council PTSA for providing a grant to help fund this event. WOOHOOS to all of our 106 attendees who were open and interested in learning about gender diversity in our youth. THREE CHEERS for Melanie Mckenzie for all her hard work to make this parent education not only available to us, but to the entire Northshore School District community! It's not to late to watch the presentation and participate in the Q&A.

THANK YOU to Melanie McKenzie for representing Canyon Creek PTA at the Northshore Council PTSA February 1st E-Prep (Emergency Preparedness) Meeting. 

January 2022


1/21/2022 Howler

YIPPEES to everyone who participated in the MOD Dine Out on January 11th! We will share the resulting donation amount with you when we get that information. 

MANY THANKS to NSD Guest Presenters: Dawn Mark, Duggan Harman, Amity Butler, Allen Miedema, Obidiah Dunham who shared information and answered questions about the Bond & Levy Ballot Measures at our PTA General Membership Meeting. They shared a lot of details about the district and ballot measures included in the February 8th Election. Find more information.

THREE CHEERS for our new Canyon Creek PTA Nominating Committee: Barby Taheri, Nancy Tangen & Patty Buchanan. We appreciate you volunteering your time to help us prepare for the 2022-23 school year and find great candidates for our executive board.

WOOHOOs to everyone who signed up for Action Network and voiced their opinionsthis week during WSPTA "Focus on Advocacy Week". It really does make a difference!!

APPRECIATION to everyone who was able to attend our PTA General Membership Meeting on Tuesday. We understand that this has been another tough year and we all feel it. We are always thrilled to see new & returning members at our meetings!

1/7/2022 Howler

MANY THANKS to every Canyon Creek Elementary staff member who has joined our PTA so far this school year! We have earned the WSPTA 100% Staff Membership award. YIPPEES to our PTA Membership Chairs: Megan Madsen & Nancy Tangen.

December 2021


12/17/2021 Howler

TREMENDOUS THANK YOU to everyone who assisted with the Helping Hands Be a Holiday Hero program. We were able to provide food boxes for 28 of our Canyon Creek Elementary families and gifts for 100 individuals! Special thanks to our partners in Canyon Creek Elementary's office, Sue Hanson & Terri Jaenson. Check out our Thank You Article!

SHOUT OUTS to all 87 students who have signed up to participate in the Canyon Creek PTA Spelling Bee! We wish them happy studying!

GRATITUDE to our PTA Popcorn Friday Chairs: Nancy Tangen & Megan Madsen for sending popcorn home with every student. It has been a long standing tradition at Canyon Creek to have Popcorn Friday! Our Canyon Creek PTA Popcorn Friday Team found a way to continue the tradition until we can be back on campus popping fresh popcorn at lunch recess. Every student at Canyon Creek took home a special treat of microwave popcorn on Friday, December 10th! Hope our Canyon Creek students enjoyed the popcorn!


12/3/2021 Howler

SO MUCH APPRECIATION to EVERYONE who donated to our Helping Hands Thanksgiving Meals program, supporting 24 of our Canyon Creek Elementary families. This program wouldn't be possible without our partners in Canyon Creek Elementary's office, Sue Hanson & Terri Jaenson. Check out our Thank You Article!

HOORAYS to all our Library Helpers who volunteer every week in the Canyon Creek library, assisting with check in and check out, processing book holds, and shelving books! HUGE THANKS to the volunteers who helped in the library for the five (5) conference days! Every single class in the school had a 15 minute whirlwind library session to make sure students had the opportunity to get new books prior to the long Thanksgiving weekend! If you are interested in helping in the library, there are a few classes still looking for a helper. Learn more.

SPECIAL THANKS to Chipotle Mexican Grill for donating $165 to our PTA, even though our Dine Out event was cancelled. We plan to schedule another event later in the year! Learn more.

GRATITUDE to Red Robin in Bothell, for their donation from our Dine Out event in October! We SO appreciate our fundraising partners - and everyone who participates!! Learn more.

WOOHOOS to our Staff Appreciation Team: Alyssa Koske & Stephanie Dunning, for creating a cute gift for all Canyon Creek staff in November. Staff Appreciation is a way for our entire PTA to regularly thank the staff for all they do, so THANKS to all of our Canyon Creek PTA members and donors for helping to make our staff feel special.



November 2021


11/19/2021 Howler

HUGE THANK YOU to all Veterans, for your service to our country!

SPECIAL THANKS to all of the Veterans who participated in Canyon Creek Elementary's Veterans Day Celebration by joining classes either in person or on Zoom! Your participation made it a very special event.

GRATITUDE to Jenn Snyder for putting together little "thank you" treat packets for the Veterans who visited Canyon Creek Elementary classrooms on Friday, November 12th, to share their military experience and take aways with students.

WOOHOO to Foram Shah, our PTA Reflections Chair, for coordinating our Reflections program this year. Also, to the 29 students who submitted their creations in response to the prompt, "I will change the world by...". And to thefamilies of those students, for their encouragement and support!

YIPPEES to our Reflections Theme Finalist, 1st grader, Aria P. Her theme prompt suggestion: "Spread happiness by..." is moving on to National PTA finals!

THANK YOU to everyone who attended our November General Membership Meeting. It was so great to see some new faces. Also, thank you to Principal Denton for attending and sharing updates. Check out our meeting recap.

APPRECIATION for our Membership Team: Nancy Tangen & Megan Madsen, for their creativity and work to reach our membership goal of 300 PTA members! How much higher can we go?? Join PTA or renew your membership today!


11/5/2021 Howler

WOOHOO!! Thank you to the 30 students (and their families) who submitted their pumpkin creations for our contest! It was so fun to see the creativity and awesome work. Find out who won prizes in each of the 3 categories. Also, HUGE HOORAYS to our Pumpkin Contest Chair, Jenn Snyder.

YIPPEES to our Popcorn Friday team: Nancy Tangen & Megan Madsen, for sending home a popcorn treat for each student last Friday!

THANK YOU to Karen Smith, Jenn Snyder & Jenn Pengelly for attending the WSPTA Legislative Assembly over the weekend of October 23rd & 24th. Check out the recap of the event.

CHEERS to our PTA Membership Chairs: Nancy Tangen & Megan Madsen, for coming up with the prize basket and working so hard to meet our membership goal!


October 2021


10/22/2021 Howler

WOOHOO!! October is National Principals Month! Thank you to Canyon Creek Principal: Bruce Denton, and Canyon Creek's Assistant Principals: Brandi Doyle & Nico Bonder.

MANY THANKS to Canyon Creek Principal, Bruce Denton, for attending our first General Membership Meeting and fielding parent questions. (View recap article.)

APPRECIATION to our Art Docent Chairs: Foram Shah & Jenn Pengelly, for hosting a virtual Art Docent training session last week! Also thanks to all of the Art Docents who attended the live session or watched the recorded training.

SHOUT OUT to everyone who participated in the Red Robin Spirit Night last night! We will share the amount of the resulting donation when we get the number. Hope your meals were delicious!


10/8/2021 Howler

THANK YOU to everyone who signed up to be our Library Volunteers and work each week for 30-45 minutes to assist the Canyon Creek librarians.

APPRECIATION to all the volunteers who came out to help with the APEX Fun Run. We had appoximately 50 volunteers!! That is amazing.

SO MUCH GRATITUDE to the 14 volunteers who helped at the Vision & Hearing Screenings on Thursday. And there are 13 volunteers (many of the same from Thursday) planning to help on Monday. These screenings would be nearly impossible without volunteers to help!


September 2021


9/24/2021 Howler

THANK YOU to our Reflections Chair: Foram Shah for taking the time to attend the WSPTA Autumn Leadership Launch! She took a class to learn about the Reflections program.

WOOHOOs to our Reader Board Chair: Nancy Tangen for consistently updating the reader board outside the school. We hope you notice it when you go through the dropoff/pickup line! Watch for reminders about important PTA & school events.

MUCH APPRECIATION to everyone who has joined PTA (or renewed) for the 2021-22 school year! Membership is like a vote of confidence and a confirmation that PTA is important to our school. Want to show your support? Join PTA.

YIPPEES to everyone who has signed up to help as a Class Art Docent or a Library Volunteer! Both make such an impact on Canyon Creek students. Interested in helping or learning more? Art Docent | Library Volunteer.


9/10/2021 Howler

MUCH APPRECIATION to our first day of school parent helpers: Nancy Tangen, Mumtaz Zimbalist, Megan Madsen, Nicole Trimble, and others who were onsite and just helped. These volunteers helped students figure out where they were supposed to be when they arrived at school.

YIPPEES to our Memberships Chairs: Megan Madsen & Nancy Tangen for working our membership table at the Park Ridge Church Community Market last Wednesday. They welcomed our Canyon Creek families and handed out ice cream tickets to those who were members or signed up at the event!

THANK YOU to Mumtaz Zimbalist & Sign Gypsies Eastside Seattle for donating the first day of school yard sign display. We so appreciate your generosity and support!


August 2021


8/31/2021 Howler

GRATITUDE to our PTA volunteers who helped at the Canyon Creek Meet & Greet on Thursday! Volunteers helped families find classrooms, gave new family tours and worked our PTA tables for membership, spirit wear sales, and our art docent program! Thank you Nancy Tangen, Megan Madsen, Foram Shah, Karen Smith, Laura Haseuleu, Alyssa Koske, Nicole & Jessica Trimble, Jenn Snyder & Melanie McKenzie.

HUGE HOORAYS to our Kindergarten Playdates Chairs, Lauren Nichols & Han Wexler, for hosting the playdates for our kindergarteners and their families. We had a great turn out at all the playdates and really enjoyed meeting so many new families excited about the new school year! Special shout out Canyon Creek staff who visited with the families - Mr. Denton (principal), Ms. Doyle (assistant principal) & Mr. Graff (recess teacher). Also, thanks to Jenn Snyder, Melanie McKenzie for attending as a senior PTA representative to help answer questions! Thanks Nancy Tangen & Megan Madsen for attending the last playdate and sharing membership information with our new families! Finally, thank you to all the kindergarteners and families who showed up to play and make new friends!! We hope it made everyone a little more comfortable.

WOOHOOS to our Membership Chairs: Nancy Tangen & Megan Madsen, for their time & creativity making membership invitations for all Canyon Creek staff members! The note was attached to a "take-out box" containing Peppermint Patties!


APPRECIATION to everyone who helped put together the Rock Star themed grab & go breakfast (provided by Canyon Creek PTA) for Canyon Creek staff when they came back to school on Tuesday, August 24th. Many thanks to Stephanie Dunning and our community partner, Starbucks in Canyon Park for their 2 donated coffee travelers. Kudos to Nancy Tangen and Melanie McKenzie for all the work preparing and setting up. Thanks to Mr. Denton and Mrs. Doyle for working with us to figure out how we could do this for the staff.

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