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After School Enrichment - Spring 2023

Registration Starts Wednesday 3/22 at 8 a.m.

Register online at https://www.6crickets.com/   (Look for “At Your School”. Type Canyon Creek Elementary and follow the steps).  To save time it is encouraged that you create an account on 6crickets prior to Wednesday 03/22/23. A lot of classes are full within an hour of registration opening. 

Schedule and Register
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Registration opens Wednesday March 22nd @ 8:00 a.m. and closes Friday March 25th @ 11:59 p.m.

First Come, First Served. There are a limited number of spaces in each class.

A PTA chaperone must be present in every class that is held. The PTA chaperone must be an adult (over 18  years old), must be a PTA member, and must be an NSD approved volunteer. A scholarship is provided for one student per class whose parent is the chaperone for the entire session. (If there is more than one volunteer for this position, a name will be drawn from a hat.) Contact Han Wexler@  enrichment@canyoncreekpta.org for a scholarship.

For classes held in the gym, an additional PTA chaperone is required.

Any class without the required PTA chaperone(s) present will be canceled for the day without a refund.

Parent chaperones will supervise students from the time they are dismissed from school until the after enrichment program begins. Information about the specific locations will be sent after registration.

  • Classes begin the week of April 3rd - 7th. Classes end the week of June 5th - 9th. If a make-up class is needed, it will take place the week of June 12th - 16th. There will be no class during Spring Break (April 10 -14), Memorial Day (May 29th), and no Hip Hop class on May 19th.
  • All classes in the gym will be from 4:10 to 5:10.
  • Classes in the library, F230, and Room 17 will be from 3:55 p.m. to 4:55 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
  • Classes in the library, F230, and Room 17 will be from 2:25 p.m. to 3:25 p.m. on Wednesday.
  • Please see https://www.6crickets.com/ for the price of the classes.
  • If accommodations are needed, please email enrichment@canyoncreekpta.org.









Chess Class (1-5)



Floorball (K-5)

Soccer (K-5)


Hip Hop (K-3)

Room 17

Drama (K-2)


Spanish (K-5)

Piano (K-5)

Ukulele (K-5)


Robotics (3-5)

Art (K-5)

Yoga (K-5)

Lego/Coding (K-2)

Drama (3-5)

Descriptions of the After School Enrichment Classes

Art Class (K-5th) with CreArt Studioz
Students will be focusing on sketching, painting, and creating 3D Art forms with Clay. We will create art inspired
by artists Heather Galler, Jim Dine, and Georgia O’Keeffe using a variety of art mediums such as Clay,
Watercolors, Oil Pastels, and Chalk Pastels. Sample projects include Paper Stain Glass, Clay Flowers, Flower
Bouquet, Exotic Bird Sculptures, Dragon Eyes, and more! New take home project at the end of each class.

Chess Class (1st-5th) with Orlov Chess Academy
We are dedicated to providing the best quality chess instruction for your students. Even the youngest children
benefit from a curriculum designed for their needs. Chess players naturally learn social and life skills through
chess. Orlov Chess Academy students respect other players, form friendships, work well under stress,
celebrate their victories appropriately, and take defeat with grace.

Drama Class (K-2nd) with Studio East
Play Creation
Learn how to create a play from scratch in this interactive, creative, and energetic drama class! We’ll create
characters, imagine a story, write lines, and use acting skills to bring our original story to life. We’ll share our
original story for our friends and family on the final day.

Drama Class (3rd-5th) with Studio East
Improv & Comedy
Have fun with the exciting world of improv & comedy in this interactive drama class. Students will learn about
thinking fast on their feet, working as an ensemble, creating stories, and performing improv in front of others.
They will learn to take risks and not be afraid of something flopping. Each week we’ll focus on a different aspect
of improvisation to open up a whole new world of acting. A great way to build confidence onstage!

Floorball Class (K-5th) with Emerald City Floorball
Floorball is a modern version of Floor Hockey that is sweeping the area. New, fast, fun,
safe, affordable, and all inclusive. Coach Sal brings his 40 years of off-ice hockey skills
and experience to teach you the basics that will leave you wanting more.

Hip Hop Kids Dance Fitness Class (K-3rd) with Seattle Dance Fitness
Hip Hop Kids DANCE FITNESS classes feature kid-friendly routines based on original hip hop and pop dance
fitness choreography. We lead the kids through fun follow along dance fitness songs, break down the steps,
play dance games and have plenty of time to FREE dance with scarves, hula hoops, and more! Hip Hop Kids
helps to develop a healthy lifestyle and incorporate fitness as a natural part of children’s lives by making fitness
fun! Classes incorporate key childhood development elements like leadership, respect, teamwork, confidence,
self-esteem, memory, creativity, coordination, and cultural awareness.
Please note this is not a traditional studio style dance class where the focus is on performing and perfecting steps.
We are all about getting the kids enjoying simply MOVING their bodies for fitness and for fun!

Lego Coding (K-2nd) with Young Whiz
● Build: By exploring LEGO® bricks using the coding software, inspiring STEM projects, children can
experience and understand the building blocks of a real world environment.
● Code: We at Young Whiz can introduce simple drag and drop interfaces for children that are starting out
or we can introduce and develop more complex algorithms to make it more challenging depending on the
children’s needs and ambition.
● Learn: Through coding and understanding real life STEM challenges and engaging in physical and digital
creation, LEGO® WeDo 2.0 encourages children to vastly develop computational skills for thinking,
which in turn can help solve real world programming solutions.

Piano Class (K-5th) with After School Music Academy
Learn piano in a fun social group atmosphere! Group piano class provides students an excellent introduction to
the keyboard and prepares them for more serious private study as well as playing in a band/ensemble. Most
importantly, students will begin to develop the skill of playing music with their peers which provides a lifelong
benefit. Our teachers focus on developing the students’ core keyboard skills: hand position, note-reading, chord
vocabulary, rhythm, and theory while rehearsing a repertoire of rock, pop, and classical songs. Keyboards will
be provided for use in class.

Robotics (3rd-5th) with Young Whiz
The Robotics class gives you the power to create and command your own robotic creatures, vehicles,
machines and inventions! By combining LEGO® elements with a programmable brick, motors and sensors,
you can make your creations walk, talk, grab, think, and do almost anything you can imagine!

Soccer Class (K-5th) with Bothell Titans
Our Soccer Lessons program is all about FUN! Beginner players will put on their soccer shoes for one hour
sessions to play games, meet new friends, and learn some basic soccer fundamentals. Our professional
coaches will host sessions that not only teach players about soccer but also help develop dexterity and social
skills! Every part of our Soccer Lessons program is designed to promote fun and safety within the game of

Spanish Class (K-5th) with Sponge School
Sponge classes are immersion based and designed to instill a love of language and culture while developing
language skills.
Our elementary program has 3 goals:
1. Build communication skills,
2. Develop language-learning strategies, and
3. Broaden students’ understanding of the world
Young learners are primed for language learning -research shows that students are 70% more likely to gain
fluency when they begin in elementary school or younger. We make it fun with games, drama, crafts, and
songs. And we stay in the target language to optimize our learning. Make language and culture a part of your
child’s life and watch them embrace a new world! All students are welcome to join. No prior language exposure

Ukulele Class (K-5th) with After School Music Academy
The ukulele is an excellent instrument on which to learn how to play music. It is relatively simple to learn, easy
to tote around, inexpensive, super fun, and timelessly popular! In this class we will jump right into the fun stuff
and learn how to play music on the ukulele. By the end of the course, students will know a few chord positions,
be able to play a couple of songs on the ukulele, and be able to sing along. Ukuleles will be provided for use in

Yoga and Mindfulness Class (K-5th) with Be One Yoga Studio
Yoga for kids! While practicing yoga, kids exercise, play, connect deeply with the inner self, and develop an
intimate relationship with the world all while having FUN! Sanitized Yoga mats will be provided by the
instructor or students can choose to bring their own mats.
Benefits of Yoga for children:
● Sparks creativity
● Flexibility and strength for growing bodies
● Enhances concentration
● Increases self esteem
● Enhances body awareness
● Encourages social interactions
● Cultivates relaxed and peaceful state of
mind and body
● Tools for stress managemen

NSD Disclaimer

These activities are not sponsored nor endorsed by the Northshore School District or any of its schools. The district assumes no responsibility for the conduct during or safety of the activities. Northshore School District shall be held harmless from any cause of action, claim, or petition filed in any court or administrative tribunal arising out of the distribution of these materials including attorney's fees and judgments or awards.