Howler Hoorays:

August 2019 - June 2020

Canyon Creek PTA is 100% volunteer run and we depend heavily on our school community, including parents, older siblings, etc to help make programs & events successful. These notes are our THANK YOUS to all those who make what we do possible! We couldn't do it without you!

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January 2020


1/26/2020 Howler


1/19/2020 Howler

THANK YOU to our PTA Reflections Chair, Robin Zaback, for all the time and effort put into the Reflections program this year! Preparing the art submissions for judging is quite a task, and she did it beautifully! Robin also helped with the Reflections Celebration last weekend. Thank you for supporting art at Canyon Creek!


1/12/2020 Howler

THANK YOU to Northshore Council PSTA for hosting the Reflections Celebration on Saturday. Also, CHEERS to all those who were able to join the celebration. It was a lovely event highlighting the wonderful artist pieces that made it to the district level judging in the Reflections program. We are super excited to share ALL of the Canyon Creek artists' Reflection submissions at the Art Gala in May!

HUGE KUDOS to our PTA Staff Appreciation Team: Alyssa Koske and Stephanie Dunning for stocking the refrigerator full of yummy, nutritious snacks for our Canyon Creek staff after the winter break.


1/5/2020 Howler

EXTREME GRATITUDE to everyone who contributed to our Helping Hands Holiday Wish List. We were able to provide every family on our list with something for each listed person. THAT IS INCREDIBLE!!!! Thank you so much to: Mrs. Vasatka, Emily Owen, Mrs. Vancour, Mr. D’entremont, Melanie McKenzie, Jennifer Snyder, Emily Cross, Megan Mullins, Mrs. Fiser, Crystal Fry, Christine Hansen, Mrs. Roland, Gowri Natarajan, Ms. Airhart, Courtney Pansini, Katie Parsons, Stephanie Siverston, Mr. Graff, Ms. Hanson, Jennifer Griffin, Nancy Tangen, Jennifer Herbison, Melissa Houghton, Bria LeFeuvre, Nicole Trimble, Mrs. Burkett, Shaylin Petersen, Mrs. Hart, Ms. Kieffer, Mrs. Slywka, Mrs. Sprague, Kristina Belcher, Cristi Comes, Heather Douangpanya, Ms. Ducotey, Ms. Ehlers, Karlie Kirkham, Ms. Mahoney, Mr. Trischetti Jr., Robin Zaback and Terri Jaenson. We also received a few last minute monetary and wish list items from a few unknown individuals- THANK YOU so much! Special thank you to Canyon Creek Office Manager, Sue Hanson, for coordinating with our school families about their needs--and for the extra effort and energy to support our PTA in this project!  We are so grateful. Again, our gratitude and appreciation is endless for everyone that came together to make this happen!

MUCH APPRECIATION to our amazing Spelling Bee teacher volunteers, Mrs. Larson, Mrs.Lindley and Mr. Henderson for taking time out of their busy schedule to work with our Spelling Bee students. Much appreciation for your devotion to our Spelling Bee students.

HUGE KUDOS to our PTA Chaperones for our fall after school programs: Laryssa Schwartz, Daisy Tan, and Sudha Natarajan. Without your help, we could not have our after school programs!  


December 2019


12/15/2019 Howler

MANY THANKS to our nearly 70 parents and studentswho attended our Hour of Code sessions last Tuesday. HUGE WOOHOOS to the middle/high school student volunteers for their help: Connor Rosenberry, Parisha Mundra, Shreya Mundra, Dhriti Rao, and Aditya Nair.  THANKS to our assistant principal, Ms. Airhart, for going toe to toe with a few Minecraft coders. APPRECIATION to our STEM Chair, Abhishek Mehta, for his organization and coordination of this event.


12/8/2019 Howler

APPRECIATION to our principals, Mr. Denton and Ms. Airhart, for being available for our school community by discussing and clarifying questions that our school community has. THANK YOU to all who took time out of their morning to attend and participate. We are planning another one for January with a peak at the new building, so look for that information coming soon!

HUGE THANKS to Stephanie Dunning and the Canyon Park Place Starbucks (at the QFC off 228th) for hosting a special Pajama & Santa Read Aloud event. APPRECIATION to those who donated a new or gently used book (and received a free kids hot chocolate). The 83 (woohoo!) collected books are being donated to Canyon Creek Elementary Library!!

12/1/2019 Howler

HUGE HOWLER HOORAYS to all our school families and staff that donated to our Helping Hands Thanksgiving Drive: Terri Jaenson, Becky Trepp, Heather Danz, Nancy Tangen, Ashley Watts, Mary Vasatka, Bob Graff, Megan Madsen, Valerie Baker, Courtney Pansini, Michaela Vaccari, Bela Bhatt, Anna Baker, Melanie McKenzie, Kristin Nagy, Bethany Jager, Sumitha Fernando, Krista Chmielewski, Emily Cross, Jennifer Spataro, Jodi Ehlers, Gretchen Slywka, Nikki Coyle, and Alena Sharma. SHOUT OUT to Nicole Trimble, Jennifer Snyder and Melanie McKenzie for helping organize the donations into full meal kits for 11 families in our school community. SPECIAL THANK YOU to Laura Kay Lichtman and Martin Metzdorf for supporting our school families by doing a neighborhood drive for our Helping Hands program. 

BIG CHEERS to our Reflections Chair, Robin Zaback, for successfully organizing and managing the Reflections program this school year. Under her leadership, our PTA had a significant increase from the past several years. Thank you for working to make art a priority, Robin!


November 2019


11/24/2019 Howler

MUCH APPRECIATION to everyone who attended our Savvy Parents Safe Kids Parent Education! The feedback about the presentation was great. THANKS also to Christy Keating, owner of Savvy Parents Safe Kids, for providing important information about keeping our kids safe from sexual predators. SPECIAL SHOUT OUT to Canyon Creek Elementary parent, Celeste Marion, for providing the Spanish translation during the presentation! And THANK YOU to Northshore School District for lending us the translation equipment (headphones & transmitters).

Oh, and we updated the Taste of Canyon Creek Thank You article to include some of the books read and photos of the event. Check it out


11/17/2019 Howler

HAPPY HOORAYS to the 4th & 5th Grade Chorus, lead by Ms. McLain and accompanied by Ms. Fell, for providing a wonderful musical performance at our PTA General Membership Meeting on Tuesday. WOOHOOS to all the chorus parents in attendance, for taking a part in our PTA meeting!

MUCH APPRECIATION to everyone who participated and made Taste of Canyon Creek such a wonderful community event! For the "food" part, we need to THANK all the providers of tastes at the event - it was fun to have so many different types of nibbles! For the "books" part, HUGE CLAPS to our guest readers, who gave their time to share books from around the world with our students & families. Please check out our summary article for more thank yous and details about the event (photos will be added in the next couple days).

MANY THANKS to our Staff Appreciation Team, Alyssa Koske & Stephanie Dunning, for treating the Canyon Creek staff to a yummy potato bar for lunch last week!

HEARTY CHEERS for the 31 Canyon Creek students who submitted their work for the PTA Reflections program this year! Its so amazing to see how students interpreted the "Look Within" theme. We are only allowed to send 20 submissions on to the district level judging. Families will be notified before Thanksgiving about which pieces have been selected to move forward.

WOOHOOS to all of the families/community members who ate at Woodinville Chipotle on Saturday, October 26th! THANK YOU to our Partnership Chair, Misty Carter, for arrainging the Dine-Out event! APPRECIATION to Woodinville Chipotle for supporting our organization. The donation from that event was $135.70!


11/10/2019 Howler

MANY THANKS to Mr. Gray for planning the Veterans Celebration on Friday - and Barby Taheri for planning our Veterans Reception. THANKS to everyone who donated something to the breakfast! HOORAYS to all of the students who made art to decorate the hallway, welcoming the veterans to the celebration. WOOHOOS to the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts who provided the color guard for the celebration. HIGH FIVES to all the 1st grade students who sang and signed "You're a Grand Old Flag" for our visitors. And of course, last but certainly not least - HUGE HEARTFELT THANKS to all the veterans who attended our celebration and shared in the student classrooms! We have heard many lovely comments about that special time.

APPRECIATION to Superintendent Reid for stopping by on Friday for a Meet & Greet with parents. THANKS to the parents who came to ask questions or discuss issues.


11/3/2019 Howler

MANY THANKS to Dawn Draheim and Woodinville Print for working with us to create our PTA Sponsor & PTA Welcome banners! We will be hanging the PTA Welcome banner, highlighting our top PTA business sponsors - look for it next week along the entrance driveway to Canyon Creek Elementary!

CHEERS for Megan King, our Library Brigade Chair, for keeping the library assistant schedule updated!! Also in advance for the work figuring out volunteer schedules for early release conference days and the upcoming Scholastic Book Fair! We appreciate you!

APPRECIATION to Jennifer Herbison, our Box Tops Chair, for trimming, checking expiration dates, counting and submitting the approximately 3,900 Box Tops received for our fall drive. WOOHOOS to Maria Allen and Natalie O’Reilly for helping cut and count all those Box Tops. Every Box Top THANK YOU to everyone who turned in Box Tops!!


October 2019


10/27/2019 Howler

THANKS to Laura Lichtman, Barby Taheri & Jessica Malm for volunteering to be our Nominating Committee! This group is charged with finding the best candidates for leading our PTA for the 2020-21 school year. 

MUCH APPRECIATION to our PTA Food Drive Chair, Courtney Pansini, for coordinating our Food Drive benefitting Woodinville Storehouse Food Bank. THANK YOU Canyon Creek Coyotes, for an impressive total of 1,428 items and $16 collected! SPECIAL SHOUT OUT to Watch Dogs: Ken Jager & Christian Willams, as well as Bob Graff, & Melanie McKenziefor helping to collect & count each classes donations. Also THANKS to Stephanie Dunning, Manager at Canyon Park Commons Starbucks, for organizing a donation collection at her store during the same time!! We have such an awesome community!

HUGE HOORAYS to Bothell McDonald's for hosting our McTeacher's Night on Tuesday! WOOHOOS to Canyon Creek staff who "worked" at McDonald's for our fundraiser: Mr. Denton, Ms. Airhart, Mr. Mayberry, Mrs. Barton, Mrs. Vasatka, Mr. Henderson, Mrs. Axtell, Ms. Hall, Mrs. Lindley, Roxie Hall, Ms. Liedle, Ms. Nuss, Mrs. Ahn, Mr. Graff, Mr. Archuleta, Mrs. Meyer, Mrs. Roland, Mrs. Johnson (3rd grade), Ms. Daniel, Mrs. Slywka, Mrs. Fiser, Ms. Ka'ai, Mrs. Ducotey, Mrs. Burkett, and Mrs. Christensen. Your support for our PTA and school community is so appreciated! THREE CHEERS for all the families and community members who came to support this fundraiser! In only two hours, your purchases and donations totaled appoximately $1,500! That's incredible and it was such a fun event too!!

GRATITUDE to our PTA Staff Appreciation Chairs, Stephanie Dunning and Alyssa Koske, for coordinating the Chili Potluck on Thursday! MANY THANKS to all of the donors: Nancy Tangen, Megan Madsen, Barby Taheri, Alyssa Koske, Lindsy Alanis, Emily Cross, Nicole Trimble, Casey Dwyer, Nupur Gupta, Phuong Nguyen, Stephanie Dunning, Maria Allen, Anna Baker, Andrea Bruns, Melanie McKenzie, Christina Po, Courtney Pansini, Diana Beydoun, Bethany Jager, Danae Hordyk, Surekha Battula, Sonal Malhotra and Nikki Coyle! Thank you for providing a delicious lunch for the staff.

HOORAYS to Dawn Draheim, Jennifer Snyder and Nancy Tangen for performing our Budget Review so we can transition the books to our new treasurer!

HUGE SHOUT OUT to our Running Club coordinators: Ms. Daniel and Alyssa Koske and to those who helped them get the 700+ Running Club Cards ready for the first day of Running Club: Elesha Ostrander, Courtney Carr, Emily Cross, Melanie McKenzie and Nicole Trimble. Also THANK YOU to all of those who came out on Friday to help with Running Club - scanning, helping find running cards, cheering.. The kids LOVED it, please keep coming out to support them!

YIPPEES to Melanie McKenzie, Robin Zaback, Jennifer Snyder, Barby Taheri and Mumtaz Zimbalist for spending this weekend at the WSPTA Legislative Assembly, representing our PTA! We will provide a summary in the next week or two.


10/20/2019 Howler

MANY THANKS from Nurse Susan for making the vision & hearing screening day such a success! She thanked Barby Taheri for providing lunch for the volunteers - and Stephanie Dunning & Starbucks for the coffee! She also thanked all the individual volunteers. See the complete message from Nurse Susan - along with an update about screening next steps.

MUCH APPRECIATION to our PTA Popcorn Team: Megan Madsen, Courtney Carr and Nancy Tangen, for popping nearly 800 bags of popcorn for our students and staff on Friday. The Popcorn Team will take a break until March, when Popcorn Fridays will resume!

10/13/2019 Howler

HUGE HOORAYS to our PTA Skate Night Chair, Megan King for coordinating a super fun skate night! The kids always love to see their friends outside of the classroom!

THANK YOUS (again) to our PTA Art Docent Team: Courtney Carr, Karen DeMercer and Elesha Ostrander, for hosting another Art Docent Training Session to make sure our Art Docents are comfortable getting in classrooms and giving art lessons! Also, MANY THANKS to those to have volunteered to be art docents and attended this training meeting!

APPRECIATION to our VP: Communications, Nicole Trimble & President, Melanie McKenzie for securing our PTA Business Sponsors again this year! We have 9 confirmed sponsors (and one or two pending payment)!  We will be creating our 2019-20 Sponsor page soon - as well as working on our new 2019-20 Sponsor & Welcome banners!

WOOHOOS to our PTA Box Tops Chair, Jenny Herbison, for coordinating our Fall Box Tops Drive...but it's not really done, she will be working to trim and count the Box Tops - and we will report the total amount for this drive when she submits it!

10/6/2019 Howler

MANY THANKS to volunteers who answered our call for help with the school's APEX Fun Run! We appreciate all those who helped hand out water and mark laps on t-shirts! You were an essential part of making the fun run work!

APPRECIATION for our PTA Social Media Chair, Megan King, for her continuing commitment to posting timely and pertinent information on our social media! If you haven't already, like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram!

YIPPEES to our PTA Special Education Representative, Bethany Jager, for her work with the CCC box. We hope this becomes a helpful resource for families! 

September 2019


9/29/2019 Howler

MUCH APPRECIATION to everyone who attended our first Pastries & Principals event - we had a great turnout! HUGE GRATITUDE to our Principal, Mr. Denton, and Assistant Principal, Ms. Airhart, for attending and answering lots of questions! And finally, CHEERS to our PTA President: Melanie McKenziefor planning the event! We have another Pastries & Principals event scheduled for December 6th at 9:10am - mark your calendars!

SHOUT OUTS to Art Docent volunteerswho took the Art Docent Training last Thursday! We so appreciate you! And HUGE HOORAYS to our PTA Art Docent Chairs: Courtney Carr, Karen DeMercer and Elesha Ostrander for their art docent training, which yielded close to 50 parent volunteers trained and ready to tackle elementary art! Thanks to everyone involved in this AMAZING program!!

MANY THANKS to our PTA Math Challenge Chair: Daisy Tanfor working to get the Math Challenge program up and running! We kicked it off last Friday with the first Math Challenge! It's not too late to participate...learn more


9/22/2019 Howler

MUCH APPRECIATION to Mr. Graff and Michael Richardsfor coodinating the Watch D.O.G.S. Kickoff for the new school year! HUGE HOORAYS for the potential Watch D.O.G.S. (and their kids) who came to learn about the program and sign up - we welcomed over 80 guests to the kickoff and went through 24 pizzas! We anticipate a GREAT year with Watch D.O.G.S.! MANY THANKS to our middle school volunteers (Sadie, Kelsey, Jordan & Jocelyn), who helped setup, serve, assist the kids at the art tables, and cleanup! An additional WOOHOO toDerrick Snyder for setting up the PTA membership table!

SHOUT OUTS to the kindergarten, social/emotional & 4th grade teachers for hosting the curriculum nights on Tuesday! Hearing more from teachers about how things will work over the school year is wonderful. 

CHEERS to Melanie McKenzie for setting up our After School Enrichment class registration for the fall! We have a new After School Enrichment Coordinator, Han Wexler, who will be taking over the program for the winter & spring classes!

9/15/2019 Howler

GRATITUDE to our PTA Popcorn Committee - Megan Madsen, Nancy Tangen and Courtney Carr, for popping 800 bags on Friday for our students and staff. That’s a lot of popcorn!!

MUCH APPRECIATION to PTA volunteers (Megan King, Tanantha Couilliard, Nicole Trimble, Melanie McKenzie, Casey Dwyer, Robin Zaback, Christine Hansen, Loan Mosescu) - along with all the awesome Canyon Creek & NSD staff who helped the kindergarteners get their bearings on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday this week - as they started the school year!

THANKS to all of the kindergarten parents, grandparents & guardians who joined us after drop off on Monday and Tuesday for our new Kindergarten Boohoo Woohoo events. CHEERS to all our PTA leaders and our school leaders for welcoming our new Kindergarten families, specifically Emily Cross, Casey Dwyer, Megan King, Nicole Trimble, Jennifer Snyder, Melanie McKenzie, Mr. Denton and Ms. Airhart. Much appreciation for helping to make their first day a little sweeter. More photos and comments.

SHOUT OUTS to the 1st & 3rd grade teachers for hosting the curriculum nights on Tuesday! Its always so great to hear about what will be happening in classrooms and what students will be working on this year.

9/8/2019 Howler

THANK YOU to the NSD staff and PTA volunteers who were on site for drop-off on the first day of school for 1st-5th graders at Canyon Creek! Your presence made such a difference for students (and parents) - helping students find their classes, learn how to navigate the new parking lot, etc.

CHEERS for Yard Announcements for providing the fun "Welcome Back" sign last Wednesday to welcome back our 1st-5th graders! 

9/1/2019 Howler

HUGE HOORAYS to all of the Community Serve Day volunteers who gave their time to help our school prepare for the new school year! We had many community volunteers in addition to student families and staff! Volunteers assisted teachers with so much in their classrooms and really made our school grounds look beautiful. You are SO appreciated. Special thanks to Ms. McLain for coordinating the specific event at our school. Canyon Creek was just one of 31 different schools that were part of the larger Community Serve Day, supported by many churches and groups.

THANK YOUS to our Staff Appreciation Team, Stephanie Dunning & Alyssa Koske, for the "Walk of Fame" breakfast for the Canyon Creek staff on their first official day back for the new school year. Special woohoo to Jonathon Dunning too! BIG CHEERS to Starbucks @ Canyon Creek Place and Starbucks @ Bothell Everett Hwy & 220th for their donations! Find more details

MUCH APPRECIATION to the amazing Canyon Creek Teachers & Staff and PTA volunteers who made the Back-to-School Ice Cream Social a wonderful kick-off for the new school year! HOORAYS to all of the Canyon Creek families who attended!! SPECIAL APPRECIATION to Melanie McKenzie for coordinating the event this year. Check out more thank you thoughts


August 2019


8/25/2019 Howler

MANY THANKS to Patty Buchanan, our PTA Summer Fun Playdate Chair, for hosting the four playdates for our incoming kindergarteners this summer!! We had a wonderful turnout at Stipek Park! We hope those who attended, found it fun and helpful. APPRECIATION to our PTA Board Members (Jennifer Snyder, Bethany Jager, Melanie McKenzie & Nicole Trimble) who attended the playdates to help answer questions for our new families. 

8/18/2019 Howler

WOOHOOS to everyone who donated crayons and markers to the drive at the end of last year! Our PTA Sustainability Team (Alyssa Koske, Courtney Pansini, and Gentle Chikani) sent 35 lbs of markers to Crayola to be re-purposed into clean burning fuel -- and 40 lbs of crayons to Crazy Crayons to be melted down and reused. We were also able to donate the very best 15 lbs of crayons to the Northshore Headstart program!! Read the recap article.