Join us for 2019-20 Running Club!

Canyon Creek Elementary and Canyon Creek PTA work together to provide the "Running Club".
A fun way to get energy out before the start of the school day!

Every Friday, from 8:55-9:10am

1st-5th Graders: Friday, October 25th

Kindergarteners: Friday, November 8th


Yes, they do this RAIN OR SHINE!!


BONUS LAP: On SPECIAL Spirit Days (usually once a month),
students who participate will get an extra scan (free lap) of their running club card!!
Check the school's newsletter (Crier) and the PTA newsletter (Howler) for information about the SPECIAL Spirit Days!


2019-20 Running Club Kickoff


October 25th: First RUNNING CLUB for 1st - 5th Graders!

November 8th: First RUNNING CLUB for Kindergarteners!

We are holding off on the Kindergarteners start date because of the PE schedule -
as there is not enough time to teach them how to participate properly.
Prior to November 8th start date for Kindergarten,
the PE teachers will show all the kindergarteners how to
find their cards, how to get a scan for each lap, and how to RETURN their cards to the proper binder. 


Here's how Running Club works:

Each student has a running club card available in binders located
on the bleachers and tables between the field and the 5th grade portables.
Binders are organized by grade and teacher.

Students will run (or walk) with the card and have it scanned for each lap they run.
This card will track miles run or walked for the student!

Student will earn shoe tokens for miles earned including:

1 mile
5 miles
10 miles
13.1 miles (half marathon)
15 miles
20 miles
25 miles
26.2 miles (marathon)
30 miles
35 miles
and so on...

Parents are welcome to come and walk or run with their students or just cheer them on.

School Running Goal:
We are carrying over our goal from last year, to get to the Panama Canal - which is 4,935 miles from here.
Last year we ran a total of 3,772.25 miles which got us to Guatemala! 
We have 1,162.75 to go this year...and if we hit that, we will set a new running goal!
During PE, students have mini lessons about the countries they are “running” through! Isn’t that amazing!
Ask your student about what country they are passing through on their run to the Panama Canal! 



Co-Chair OR Dedicated Helper Needed!

We would LOVE to get one volunteer who can commit to help with running club Friday mornings - probably 8:40-9:30am.

This person would help setting up before running club starts, help with scanning,
help students find/refile running cards and assist with cleanup after. 

If you are interested, please contact Melanie McKenzie for details.


Kids love getting cheered on...

Volunteers are always appreciated to
help scan running cards,
help find/refile running cards,
or just cheer them all on!!

Want to help, email the running club OR just show up!!




Canyon Creek Staff Coordinator: Ms. Daniel (
PTA Coordinator: Alyssa Koske (