2021-22 Reflections Submissions

Canyon Creek PTA can advance up to 21 entries to the council-level Reflections judging. The 21 entries advancing to the next level judging are denoted with an asterisk (*) next to their name. It was such a difficult decision - all entries were fantastic!


Aria P - 1st Grade*

Caroline A - 3rd Grade*


Aisha B - 2nd Grade*

Aryan S - 4th Grade*


Amarissa C - 3rd Grade*

Sneha S - 4th Grade*


Anshi S - 5th Grade*

Isabella Z  - 3rd Grade*

Isaiah P - 1st Grade*

Vienna B - 5th Grade*


Adam N - 3rd Grade*

Anshi S - 5th Grade*

Riana R - 4th Grade*

Visual Art

Aarush B - 1st Grade

Abby L - 2nd Grade

Anton V - 3rd Grade*

Aria P - 1st Grade*

Bessie J - 1st Grade*

Hemanth I - 4th Grade

Isaiah P - 1st Grade

Kam T - 5th Grade*

Meera S - 3rd Grade*

Momen E - (no grade provided)

Olivia M - 3rd Grade

Ranae Z - 3rd Grade*

Shrvya S - 1st Grade*

Thanvi T - 2nd Grade*

Theo T - 2nd Grade

* Denotes students who advanced to the Council level judging with Northshore Council PTSA.
Sorted by first name within each category.


2021-22 Reflections Virtual Showcase

Check out the Virtual Showcase on this Google Drive.
Make sure to click through each folder level to find the student statements & submissions!
Have fun perusing and enjoying the creativity and talent of these students.

View All Submissions (Google Drive)



Thank you!

A big thank you to all our awesome judges

And a huge shoutout to all the students who participated in Reflections this year. 



Contact our PTA Reflection Chair: Foram Shah

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